apendo is working with IBM’s product portfolio in Advanced Case Management, Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management. The software products are highly configurable, reducing the need for adjustments in order to create workable solutions. Other advantages are the continuous development of products from IBM, resulting in easier maintenance and upgrade of an engineered system solution.
The products can be divided into five main segments:
  • Advanced Case Management (case management on a platform from IBM/FileNet)
  • Content Management (document management and integration)
  • Business process management (process and case management)
  • Archiving & Compliance, (archiving and Records Management)
  • Search & Discovery (investigate and analyze)
  • Advanced Case Management (ACM)
  • IBM Case Manager

For handling of incoming documents, email, fax, textmessages etc, we use products from IBM, Kofax and Spigraph.

  • IBM Premium Busines Partner - Enterprise Content Award - Winner 2013
  • HIT List 2014

Our partners

  • IBM – Premier Business Partner
  • Kofax
  • Spigraph

We support

  • BRIS – Barnens rätt i samhället
  • Barncancerfonden
  • Non Fighting Generation Sweden