Many organizations struggle to meet all-time high customer expectations and increasingly complex, changing regulations – especially Financial Service Providers.

They are driving digital transformation and automation to succeed, but there is a problem: they only focus on automating each local business process. However in reality, they are co-dependant parts of bigger end-to-end processes spanning across multiple people, devices and systems.

The consequence is usually suboptimization and poor customer experiences. To work together and flow seamlessly, processes and automations need to be connected and coordinated end-to-end.

Or, to use another word: orchestrated like the parts of a symphony.

In this event, you will learn how your organization can design, automate, and improve processes to drive business growth and deliver great customer experiences by using Camunda.

Our speaker is no other than Camunda’s Chief Technologist and process automation guru Bernd Ruecker.

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May 23, 09.00 AM-12.00 PM (Camunda Q&A 12.00-13.00)


Radison Blu Royal Viking, Stockholm.