Create, Automate and Transform your Business Processes

K2 is the leader in Digital Process Automation with over 4000 customers worldwide using their technology platform to automate business processes.

Using their market leading products, K2 Five and K2 Cloud, companies model and run their business, integrating legacy systems, employees and business rules and regulations.

Using the intuitive designer business users can design their business logic and processing rules without the need for programming skills.

When complete it can be handed over to be completed by IT technical staff adding integration to legacy systems and advanced logic.

This enables rapid development and redesign of key business logic, resulting in fast time-to-marked.

The K2 platform is built around 8 pillars that are uniquely designed to support rapid development across the enterprise:

  1. Powerful low-code workflow
  2. Feature-rich forms
  3. Integration to virtually any system
  4. Deep analytics
  5. Mobile support
  6. Security and governance
  7. Choice of deployment in the cloud or on-premises
  8. Faster app development with pre-built templates and wizards.

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