Proof-of-Concept (PoC) – reduces risk and improves project quality

Apendo give customers the option of running a Proof of Concept to verify that BPM delivers the promised business benefits. This enables customers to gain experience with K2 as a tool and Apendo as a partner before engaging in a large and costly implementation project.

What is PoC?2019-09-17T21:49:28+02:00

An offering from apendo to customers that would like to verify that K2 can be used to improve existing business processes.
Delivered as a project based on a fixed scope and time, targeted at verifying key topics to verify functionality and minimize risk in deploying K2 for Business Process automation.

Why do it?2019-09-17T21:52:03+02:00

To make sure K2 can be implemented in existing IT infrastructure.
To ensure existing business processes can be modelled and improved by using K2.
To get to know apendo and experience the skills and values they can provide in business process automation.

Activities included in a PoC2019-09-17T21:54:14+02:00
  • Agree scope and success criteria.
  • Sign PoC contract.
  • Build sandbox environment.
  • Analyze PoC process.
  • Develop and test PoC process.
  • Basic user training.
  • PoC evaluation.
How long is a PoC?2019-09-17T21:58:45+02:00

Our goal is to complete a PoC within 3 months.

Based on scope and availability of key resources this can vary.

Details are worked out together with customer in each case.

What Resources are required?2019-09-17T22:00:55+02:00

From apendo:

  • Process designer
  • Process developer

From customer:

  • Process owner
  • IT
  • (optional) process developer(s)
How is it priced?2019-09-17T22:03:44+02:00

Apendo offer to deliver PoC at a fixed price.
Price will, of course, be dependant on scope and timeframe.

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