Project Description


Improve visibility and control of business processes.

Business Process Management (BPM) ensures that your business differs from your competitors’ by delivering the right products and services requested by your customers.


BPM is the activity of looking into and controlling the processes that are present in an organization.

For many years BPM has proven itself to be an effective methodology to make certain that the processes are efficient and effective, resulting in a better and more cost efficient organization.

BPM is not a technology, though there are many technologies (BPM Systems) on the marked that supports the BPM methodology.

Taking on BPM involves the following steps:

  • Analyze – your current business process
  • Model – your process to eliminate bottlenecks and improve information flow
  • Implement – technology and procedures to support your process flow
  • Monitor – usage and activity in daily operation
  • Manage – errors, obstacles and situations preventing process flow to run as planned
  • Automate – as much as possible of process rules, decisions and communication
  • Re-design – process flow and logic based on experience and changing business requirements
Roles involved in BPM

Apendo knows BPM

Apendo have the technology and the skills to help you improve and take control of your existing – and new – business processes.

We have the tools to match your technology platform.

IBM BPM fits right into companies that are based on IBM and Java technology.

Camunda is the preferred tool to use in Open Source environments.

Together we find the tools, technology and services best fitted to match your needs.