Project Description

Apendo: Centers of Excellence

Apendo has selected to work with a strategic number of technologies and a small numbers of vendors. This enables us to provide customers with high value services based on long experience and in-depth knowledge.
In order to provide this high class service we are building Center of Excellence (CoE) teams covering our main technologies.

Our goal: Satisfied customers

No person or company can be best at everything.
In Apendo we believe that we bring most value to our customers by focusing our skills and services on key topics and technologies.
Based on our proven track record we continue our quest or helping customers digitizing their business processes and securing their information.

To strengthen our focus and provide added value to customers we have built Centers of Excellence covering some of our key business offerings.

  • Case and Content Management utilizing IBM technology

Each CoE has a leader that is responsible for driving activities, maintaining partnerships and building skills and services offerings.