Project Description


The digitalization platform

Today, the demands for digitalization are exploding, and demands
for handling personal information within companies and authorities
are under strict regulations.
This means that the requirements for management and control of
all information related to a person or an item increase. Content
Service is no longer an IT solution, it is a business-critical platform.


Content Service Platform (ECM) is a well-established concept to link the information included in a business with its processes – the core processes as well as support processes – in order to reach better decisions faster. Therefore, the concept includes everything from how information is created or collected to how it is managed, archived, published, and finally sorted out.

Additionally, there are tools for analysis and monitoring the documents and business processes covered by the Content Service solution. Many companies want to publish customer information, for example via a customer website. To achieve this, while following laws and regulations, a Content Platform Service system is needed to keep track of the accuracy of what is published.

A Content Service solution often needs to exchange information with other business systems, and that is why integration capabilities are an important part of our Content Service solutions.

The solutions Apendo offers are based on products from leading suppliers with several advantages: shorter implementation time, continuous product development, longer lifetime and secured support.


With Apendos Content as a Service (CaaS) solution, we bring Content Services into a new dimension and create a Pay as you go Content Service solution built on world leading Content technologies. With CaaS, customers only pay for the business-driven consumption which also includes the possibilities to interact with Internet (customer) applications without any risk of incompliance.