Project Description


Over 80% of the data today is unstructured and created in spoken language in the form of e-mails, electronic documents, web pages and forms, call center logs and social media.


There is so much information out there, and this is the actual problem of today. The challenge is how to create intelligent information. Today we have a relatively good understanding of what customers and citizens do, but what do they think about us?

The solutions Apendo offers is based on products from leading suppliers, which has several advantages: shorter implementation time, continuous product development, longer life, and secured support.


A better customer understanding enables organizations to identify and stop fraudulent, illegal money transfers and thereby solve a common problem for financial institutions worldwide. With the help of our solutions it is possible to quickly identify suspicious patterns, proactively adopt rules for processing, and quickly become compliant with new rules and thereby prevent thousands of customers losing money because of fraud.

More loyal customers with intelligent analysis

By using the large quantities of unprocessed customer data that companies have today, it is possible to plan and automate targeted and effective campaigns to individual customers. With effective information, products can become more customized, and it is also possible to identify which customers are at risk of leaving the company. The new analysis solutions demonstrates the result of an increase in customer loyalty by twenty percent.

Content Analytics

With the help of the tools we offer, companies can understand why and not just what is behind the information. By aggregating and extract information from multiple sources, it becomes easier to understand and analyze the content and information. The company gains a deep analytical capability with integration to other BI systems.

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