Project Description


Case Light is a solution developed by Apendo for companies that either want to try-out Case Management or don’t have any need for a comprehensive Case Management System. Case Light can best be described as a shortcut to Case Management where you don’t have to opt out future possibilities.


Shorter implementation period

Case Light brings you structure and functionality immediately. Including education, you are normally up and running within 6–8 weeks. More complex platforms can take years to understand and fully implement.

Customize it to fit your wants and needs

Case Light gives you everything you need to simplify Case and Document Management. Case Light improves collaboration and process overviews – accessible from any device anywhere.

Handles 1–100.000 users

Case Light is suitable for 1 up to 100.000 users, which differentiates it from other competing solutions. Case Light is a scalable, robust platform to grow with.

Mobility included

Case Light includes mobility from the start, which normally is very expensive when added afterwards. All cases and processes are accessible to laptops, tablets (iPad and Android) as well as smartphones.

Standards means less inconvenience

Case Light is built on an IBM standard platform. As part of IBM Content Navigator, the platform is continuously developed by IBM and offers major possibilities for customization. This makes it possible for you to avoid the dependency of consultants and internal resources that can be allocated to other tasks.

Secure compliance

Case Light complies to specific requirements for various industries. Because of apendos Scandinavian presence, knowledge of and acquaintance with the circumstances regarding localized Case and Document Management is very good.

Know-how expert suppliers and proven processes

apendo possesses historical and wide experience and a proven induction process for Case Light – from first contact and workshops to implementation and control model.

Delivery Model made for you

You are the one deciding how you want to purchase Case Light – as a service or a solution, which apendo installs in-house for you.

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